Websites: Your Gateway to New Discoveries and Experiences!

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Having 24/7 online presence sounds great right? Even outside business hours a website secures customers for you. Potential impact is expanded beyond imagination as you tap into a wider audience.

How does a website operate?

If you are to invest in a website it’s important to know how it works. No need to be tech savvy to understand this.
Websites serve as doorways to get and showcase information. A website is a collection of web pages. Web pages display text, images or videos information on the internet.

To have this written or visual elements displayed they need to be coded. Don’t stress yourself with coding, that’s why a web developer is there.

HTML code allows the developer to structure these elements on your page. This structuring allows browsers; Google, Chrome, Safari, to comprehend the uploaded info.

Where is this stored?

This should not be one of your worries unless you want crush your pc and spend loads on internet. You rather want to cut costs. Servers are there to “serve” as a digital warehouse for your website. They provide a safe space for each and every information you put on the website. You just fetch the stored data whenever you want to get it. Simply type in your domain name. That’s another thing you would want to know.

What’s a domain?

A domain or web address is basically your identity. Its your digital “omang”, your www. YOURCOMPANY.com are what we call domains. It’s important to think about as it will stick with you forever unless otherwise.
You can create it on platforms for free or pay. To build a more efficient and effective website, your domain included, a web professional is recommended. Platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace or maranyane.com are there serve as hosts.

Why pay for all this?

Engaging in online selling needs investment. Investing in a web professional enables you to build a website that’s easy to use, accessible, mobile friendly and outranks competing websites.

It will help you to achieve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) due to the experience that the host has gathered overtime. SEO allows you to outrank competing websites on search engines such as Google, by building traffic towards your website. Factors such as page speed affect how customers perceive the quality of your web.

A server that constantly connected to the internet means consistent online presence. It ultimately breaks down all barriers that confine you to Gaborone or Botswana. Time difference is no longer a factor to hinder productivity when you have a great host at your disposal.

Web hosting services give you an array of packages to choose website templates and content management systems. Test the waters see what works for you and do not have goals that will guide you throughout the digital process. Once everything is set up test your web before you open the doorway to the world. It will allow you to ensure easy navigation and purchasing.

Remember that when you try something new, new things are bound to come of it.

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