Websites, a doorway to new things.

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Having 24/7 online presence sounds great right? Even outside business hours a website secures customers for you. Potential impact is expanded beyond imagination as you tap into a wider audience.

How does a website operate?

If you are to invest in a website it’s important to know how it works. No need to be tech savvy to understand this.
Websites serve as doorways to get and showcase information. A website is a collection of web pages. Web pages display text, images or videos information on the internet.

To have this written or visual elements displayed they need to be coded. Don’t stress yourself with coding, that’s why a web developer is there.

HTML code allows the developer to structure these elements on your page. This structuring allows browsers; Google, Chrome, Safari, to comprehend the uploaded info.

Where is this stored?

This should not be one of your worries unless you want crush your pc and spend loads on internet. You rather want to cut costs. Servers are there to “serve” as a digital warehouse for your website. They provide a safe space for each and every information you put on the website. You just fetch the stored data whenever you want to get it. Simply type in your domain name. That’s another thing you would want to know.

What’s a domain?

A domain or web address is basically your identity. Its your digital “omang”, your www. YOURCOMPANY.com are what we call domains. It’s important to think about as it will stick with you forever unless otherwise.
You can create it on platforms for free or pay. To build a more efficient and effective website, your domain included, a web professional is recommended. Platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace or maranyane.com are there serve as hosts.

Why pay for all this?

Engaging in online selling needs investment. Investing in a web professional enables you to build a website that’s easy to use, accessible, mobile friendly and outranks competing websites.

It will help you to achieve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) due to the experience that the host has gathered overtime. SEO allows you to outrank competing websites on search engines such as Google, by building traffic towards your website. Factors such as page speed affect how customers perceive the quality of your web.

A server that constantly connected to the internet means consistent online presence. It ultimately breaks down all barriers that confine you to Gaborone or Botswana. Time difference is no longer a factor to hinder productivity when you have a great host at your disposal.

Web hosting services give you an array of packages to choose website templates and content management systems. Test the waters see what works for you and do not have goals that will guide you throughout the digital process. Once everything is set up test your web before you open the doorway to the world. It will allow you to ensure easy navigation and purchasing.

Remember that when you try something new, new things are bound to come of it.

What Is Web Hosting?

Now that you have reserved a domain name and you have built your website or you are ready to build one, congratulations! The next step now is Web Hosting for your domain and website.

But just as much as when you want to start a business in the real physical world, you will need a physical location to set up your store to sell your products. The same rules do apply in the digital world when setting up a website and that’s exactly where web hosting comes in.

You may be wondering, what is web hosting? And why do you need it? Well, the answer is that when you set up an online business or offer any services online, you will have a number of files, images, and HTML code that was used to create your website. These files need space and a place to be stored at.

So without an online storage location and space, your files will just be on your computer and no one will ever be able to see them online.

A Hosting Provider steps in to provide a location and storage space on a webserver to store all your files used to create your website. The Hosting Provider will also be responsible for delivering the files of your website as soon as browsers make a request by typing in your domain name.

So, when you buy Hosting Services, you are simply renting storage space on the internet just as much as you would be renting physical space for your business.

What Is a Domain Name?


Before going further about Web Hosting let us take time to talk about domain names.

When you thought about starting an online business and having your website, you would have first had to purchase a Domain Name. A Domain name is your company’s unique and particular address on the internet.

Let us look at it in this way: Let’s say you were in the real physical world, and you have your business up at a particular place you may be renting, then you will surely give your customers your street address so they can find your shop. Now if you are renting a space on the internet, you give your customers your Domain Name so that their browsers can your website online.

When the Domain Name is typed into the browser, it is converted to an IP Address. Then the Hosting Company will locate all the files connected to your particular IP Address. Then the browser returns and shows all the images, videos, and words that make up your website.

Take note also that just like the street address is unique to your location, each Domain name is unique to your company in the whole wide world.

Whenever you start a website, you always get a chance to choose a unique name that is well-matched with your company and reflects your brand properly.

How To Choose a Web Hosting Provider?

Choose Web Hosting Provider

In order to choose a Web Hosting Provider for your website, it is very important to consider the different types of Hosting Services that are offered. Here is a list of a few things to check when determining where you would like to host your site.

  • The type of website you are creating? (Whether eCommerce, blog, portfolio etc.)
  • Bandwidth needed to run your website smoothly.
  • Ability to create Emails for your Domain.
  • Types of Hosting options available.
  • Dose the provider also provide SSL Certificate to secure the website.
  • How much technical support you will need?

Now after giving consideration to these factors it should be easy to choose a Web Hosting Provider and to also complete your Domain Name registration. Take note also that most of the time your Web Hosting Provider can also be your Domain registrar.

Types of Web Hosting

If you want to host a website for your business or services online, Maranyane is one of the best options out there which provides many different hosting services which can be customized to suit your needs.

Choosing a hosting provider you will need to create a web hosting account and choose the type of web hosting which will best work for your website.

  1. Cloud Hosting
    • Cloud Hosting is normally considered the most reliable of all types of hosting services. This is all due to it having disk space in different locations to ensure that there is no downtime. It has other benefits such as:
      • Scalability – You can always increase your storage space any time as your business grows.
      • Unmetered bandwidth – There are no server downtime and disruptions.
      • Security – Data on cloud storage is Encrypted to ensure that it is secure.
  2. Managed WordPress Hosting
    • Managed WordPress hosting provides an almost totally hand-off hosting experience. Your Hosting provider like Maranyane handles all tasks related to keeping your WordPress website running smoothly without a hassle. Other benefits of WordPress Hosting are:
      • Security – Periodic scans on website to check and catch any malicious activities.
      • Site Maintenance – Regular site chores like backup and installing WordPress updates.
      • Site Elements Configuration – Configuring essential elements such as Plugins and themes.
      • Support Services – technical Support to users and fixing obscure glitches.
  3. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
    • Virtual Private Server hosting provides a server for you alone without sharing resources with other customers. VPS offers the following benefits:
      • Flexible resource allocation – You choose the amount of RAM and the number of CPU cores for your VPS and in times of high traffic you can borrow resources from other VPS.
      • Root Access Customization – For tech-savvy users root access offers the ability to configure and customize your VPS accordingly.
      • Scalability – You can always add extra resources to your VPS when there is growth in your business.

Now that you are well informed it is time to choose your web hosting provider such as Maranyane which offers secure and affordable web hosting solutions customized to what your business needs.

A Quick Guide on How To Install WordPress

WordPress is one of the most used Content Management System (CMS) in the world. This is due to its flexibility and how easy it is to set it up and have your website running in just a few minutes. Now let us go through the steps on how to install WordPress to your domain.

This guide will show you how to install WordPress right after you have set up your Maranyane hosting and Domain. WordPress is installed with the aid of Softaculous, which is a very popular Auto installer that helps thousands of users to install applications very quickly and super easily.

Let’s Get Started:

Now that you have your Maranyane hosting account and domain active, it is time to take advantage of the platform’s famous five-minute installation through Softaculous which can be found in the cPanel in the client area of your Maranyane account, and let us go through how to install WordPress to your domain.

How to install WordPress using Softaculous apps installer.

WordPress Automatic Installation:

At Maranyane we offer one-click installation through the cPanel and Softaculous automatic app installer. This allows you to install WordPress without having to get your hands dirty or for you to be tech-savvy. Now to use Softaculous, login into your Maranyane account at the Client Area. Then click the active service or domain you want to install WordPress onto. From there select Login to cPanel then locate Softaculous Apps Installer and select WordPress to launch an auto-installer for WordPress. Now follow these instructions to install WordPress using Softaculous:

  1. Click install after WordPress auto installer has been launched.
  2. On the next page you need to fill in your details for your WordPress installation
    • Choose the domain – If you have more 1 one domain choose the domain you want to install WordPress to.Leave the directory option as it is.
    • Select WordPress version you are familiar with otherwise choose the latest version
    • Fill in your Site Settings but these can be changed later on if there is a need.
    • Fill in your Admin Account details.
    • For plugins it is recommended that you check Limit Login Attempts as this will hep protect your website against brute force attacks.
    • Under Advanced options Change the database name or leave it untouched.
    • The Table Prefix wp_ should be changed to something unique such wpwebsitename_.
  3. Now for theme you can leave as default and later on take a look at our theme customization guide to see how to setup your own unique theme or select one of the given theme templates and choose one that suits your website.
  4. Fill in Email for installation details (very important) then select install.

Congratulations you have now taken one of the major steps to have your website fully running.

What Now After Installation?

Now that you have installed WordPress what is next?

This means that now it’s time to check out ways to manage and grow your new WordPress website. With WordPress, you have great flexibility and freedom to customize your website. It is now time to start learning WordPress and elevating your website with the plethora of availed themes and plugins such as Elementor (coming soon) and many other features to help you to build your perfect website customized just for your needs. Before you know it you have now single-handedly built the most amazing website without learning even a single line of coding or programming